Nathan Owens is the First African American Male Model to Have His Own Fragrance

Nathan Owens

February 23, 2021

Nathan Owens

According to Nathan Owens, He is the First African American Male Model to Have His Own Fragrance

January 26, 2021, Sacramento, CA, USA: Nathan Owens talks about being the first African American model to have his own designer fragrance.

Launched in 2010, Big Pony by Ralph Lauren is the first fragrance designed for an African American male model, according to Nathan Owens. “It’s a true honor to be the first in anything, but your own fragrance, wow!”, says Nathan Owens. In fact, this fragrance is considered number one when it comes to fragrances for men. “Maybe it’s the name. Maybe it’s the lime, grapefruit, and mandarin smell that makes men buy this fragrance. Either way, they’re buying it,” says Nathan Owens.

Nathan is proud to have his name attached to this product and he’s work hard to achieve where he is today. Nathan Owens may be known as a model when it comes to his fragrance, but he is also an accomplished actor. In fact, Owens has been cast in commercials, print, and television. He’s appeared in several issues of GQ and opposite Rhianna in her music video “California King Bed” and opposite Niki Minaj in her music video “Va Va Voom”. More recently, in 2012, Owens was cast on the popular soap opera, “Days of our Lives” where he played Cameron Davis. Since then, Owens has landed himself plenty of roles, but it is his modeling career that got him started.

“My film career didn’t really take off until I did the music videos with Rhianna and then Niki Minaj”, says Nathan. “Since then, I’ve landed more film roles.”

When asked how COVID-19 has affected his career, Nathan Owens said, “There’s definitely been some downtime, but I’m confident things will rebound soon. Until then, my fragrance Big Pony is selling well.”

Big Pony by Ralph Lauren can be purchased at your local Macy’s as well as online. This fragrance for men is perfect for casual days and nights watching sports, spending time with friends and family, or any other casual activity. “I wear it myself,” says Nathan Owens. “It’s actually my favorite men’s cologne because it incorporates all my favorite smells into one. I do wear other fragrances, but this is my go-to bottle for everyday living,” says Nathan.